Little Stuess & The Incredible Mr. Moose

A children’s book unlike any other, 
Perfect for any kid, father and or mother.


Have you ever been bullied or felt out of place?
Please worry not if that indeed is the case.

For this here book is the book for you!
There are plenty of lessons for the kids and the adults too.
So hop right in and follow Little Stuess,
And the amazing, Incredible Mr. Moose,
As they adventure across a very mystical land.
Teaching everyone, including bullies to better understand,
That being different is cool and quite okay,
And inclusion and friendship are truly the only way.
But don’t be fooled, as it is not always easy,
Breezy, and of course, lemon squeezy.
For there is a darkness descending upon the village of Mini-Tee,
That would cause the greatest of heroes to flee.
But whatever will Little Stuess and Mr. Moose do?
Will they run away or will they stay true?
So now, what exactly are you waiting for?
You have in your hands a wonderful, brave, new world to explore!


Stuart Campbell is a special education teacher in CT,
Helping students of all abilities to succeed.
But we won’t talk about him, instead,
Here is a quote that he once said…

It is so crucial for us not to lose sight,
Of our goal to help students take flight.
You need a passion, a willingness to fight,
For the students’ inalienable right,
To be educated and never live in fright.
Mistakes are ok, they happen, they’re all right.
We need to find a way to ignite,
The fire inside them, and make it burn bright,
Despite the obstacles, a path, we should light,
That encourages them, that gives them the might,
To not be scared to take off, but to take flight,
So they can reach an unimaginable height,
And stay there forever, all day, and all night.




A children’s book unlike any other, Perfect for any kid, father and or mother.

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